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Why Hire A Licensed And Insured Orlando Carpet Cleaner?

Why Hire A Licensed And Insured Orlando Carpet Cleaner?

Carpet flooring can add a number of comforts to your home from keeping it warmer to reducing the noise in a room. Keeping your carpets clean can take a lot of effort, especially when considering how much foot traffic the carpeted area gets and if you have any pets that are not 100% house broken yet. Carpets can become stained and unattractive if left untreated, even worse not properly cleaning spills or pet accidents can leave odors and damage the flooring beneath the carpets as well. Though renting a steam cleaning and buying the products to cleaning your carpets yourself can be done every once in awhile it is sometimes a much better options to hire a cleaning service for a deeper and more efficient clean. When looking for a carpet cleaning service to restore your carpets you will want to consider a few key details. Though you may be tempted to just hire the cheapest carpet cleaning service and get it done and over with this can in turn be a waste of your time and money.

How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Services?

  1. Consider Pricing- The prices will varying depending on the products they will use to clean your carpets, services provide such as steam cleaning or wetjet cleaning as well as how many rooms or size of room that needs to be cleaned. Keep in mind that there are other services that can be added to tackle specific stains such as pet stains, mud stains or grease and oil spills.
  2. What You Need To Do Before You Get Your Carpets Cleaned- Depending on which company you choose you may have to move all the furniture and find a place to store it. Some companies can do this for you and there are also some that ask for you to preclean or vacuum the carpets prior to their arrival.
  3. Ask Question Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaning- You will want to ask any carpet cleaning service for credentials, the training the have and certificates the have acquired. All these things can give you a good idea of how they will treat your home while they are cleaning the carpets there. You want to feel secure that they will be careful and respectful of your property to limit any damage that many have experienced by hiring carpet cleaners who do not hold the proper reputable credentials, training or certificates.
  4. Do Your Research- Though many people just hire a company with the best price to clean their carpets, this can be a huge waste of money if you hire a company that is known to provide below average services. Spend some time to look at each companies reviews to see what other customers have said about the services they received. Most times you will be able to judge very quickly if the company is worth hiring by paying attention to replies the company gives back on negative reviews. Most companies who are honest and are dedicated to providing a high quality service will take the time to reply to negative comments and not just the positive reviews. If you find a service that has a number of negative reviews that get no additional response from the company you will want to steer clear of these services.
  5. Know What Kind Of Products The Cleaning Service Uses- If you are concerned about what kind of chemicals the company your hire will be using you will want to know if you have other options for what they use in your home. You should also specifically ask about what type of carpet protectant they use on carpets. Carpets are purchased with a carpet protectant already applied to it but after every deep cleaning close to a fourth of this protectant is removed. Ask about what and if applying a carpet protectant is used or included with the carpet cleaning service they provide.
  6. Hire A Company That Is Insured And Licensed- There are certain protocols that carpet cleaning companies should be following in compliance with the IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. These clearly state the proper process for thoroughly cleaning carpeted surfaces and the process that should be followed. Companies that have obtained this license are more likely to provide a high standard of service.

Top Carpet Cleaners In The Orlando Area:

These five carpet cleaning services located in the Orlando, FL. area are BBB accredited business that show an A+ rating. These companies employee certified staff members, which ensure that you will receive some of the highest quality services available.

  1. Hydra Dry- Hydray Dry offers a variety of carpet cleaning services include odor removal and stain removal. They are able to treat a number of different textured carpets. They also provide repairs to torn or ripped carpets.
  2. All Clean Carpet And Upholstery, Inc.- All Clean Carpet And Upholstery is an IICRC certified carpet cleaning service provider. They utilize the latest technology and equipment in a unique hot water extraction method for restoring your carpets like new.
  3. Corporate Maintenance LLC.- For cleaning services for your business or building, Corporate Maintenance LLC offers exceptional services to have your carpets restored to brighten up your office space. Corporate Maintenance LLC is not only a certified cleaning service, but is also an insured and bonded company as well.
  4. Clean Tec Services- Clean Tec Services uses two methods to get your carpets looking like new, hot water extraction or steam method. Clean Tec Service is a licensed company that uses only the best quality of products and latest equipment.
  5. A B Floors And Restoration- A B Floors offers a variety of floor cleaning services including deep cleaning carpet restoration services. From installation to water extraction and power carpet cleaning up services A B Floor And Restoration offers a in home consultation to help you decide what is the best service your your carpet cleaning needs.
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