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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning offers some of the highest quality tile cleaning services available in the Orlando FL area. Using the latest tools and products Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners puts to use close to 30 years worth of cleaning knowledge to rid your tile floors of even the toughest dirt and grime.

Your kitchen tile floors can look like new again when you hire Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning to properly clean your floors. Have you neglected the bathroom tiles for a little too long? Do you have black or dirt stains that seem to penetrate deep into the tile flooring? Have you scrubed and scrubed but still cannot get your tile floors looking clean? You may be thinking about just ripping the tile floor up and replacing them with new, clean and polished looking tiles but let Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners help you first. Izzy Does It can help you get your tile floor looking like new again.

Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning implements not only the skill set to get your tile floors looking clean but they utilize the useful knowledge they have gathered over the years to use the most effective techniques and methods to get your floors looking like new again. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners can assist you in cleaning a variety of tile floors for many different rooms in your home or commercial building.

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Home many total years of experience in tile cleaning?

Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning as official been opened for over six years. But the experience, knowledge and skills that the staff at Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning retains, totals well over 30 years. The founder of Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning has received extensive training in a number of techniques, tools and methods for properly cleaning tile floors and has been instrumental in being one of the leading tile floor cleaners in this industry. You can be sure to get the highest quality of work done by the most knowledgeable cleaning staff in this industry.

Do you use ECO-friendly products?

Yes. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning knows how harmful many of the chemicals and ingredients can be not only to your health but to the environment. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning wants to keep the professional cleaners that work with the company as well as the customers that are provided cleaning services safe from these harmful chemicals. The products used by the Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning staff have been thoroughly researched and ensures that they are ECO-friendly. At Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning doing what little part that can be done to better improve the environment is a conscience discussion. Using Eco-friendly products cuts back on the harmful chemicals that are being emitted into the air which is toxic to both the natural environment but your home environment as well. This is why Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners take the extra step to do their part in improving the environment. All products used in the cleaning process are all ECO-friendly which, is safer for you and your family as well as for the environment.

Are your products safe for pets?

Yes. Pets are a concern for many individuals who call for carpet cleaning services. This can be an even bigger concern when it comes to tile flooring since these areas are the most common places that pet owners will leave food and water dishes out for their pets. This often leads to pets licking the tile floor when food or water spills onto the tile floor. It is crucial that when cleaning tile floors no harm will come to your pets if products are ingested.

Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners understand that for many individuals their pets are an extension of their family and should be treated with equal consideration. All the products used by Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning are choosen with great consideration and are pet friendly. Your pet will be spending most of its time on the floors and carpeting and Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning only uses products that are pet friendly and safe whether inhaled or ingested. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning, unlike many other cleaning services, always take the extra precaution to ensure that your whole family is safe around the products they use and this includes your pets. You can be reassured that your cats, dogs and any other animals you welcome into your home will be unaffected from the products that Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners uses.

Do you also clean grout?

Yes. Grout cleaning is a given when you want to get your tile floors cleaned. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning will not only remove the dirt and grime from your tile floors but will effectively clean the grout that can trap dirt and stains. The grout of your tile floors can be one of the most difficult areas to clean and when you do not use the right products on the grout this can lead to more damage than necessary. At Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning the staff is professionally trained in how to not only clean away the dirt from the grout in your tile flooring but uses methods that are safe to use on your floors.

Using the latest tools and highest quality products Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning provides exceptional tile and grout cleaning services. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners pay particular attention to the finer detail areas of the grout that trap dirt and stains deep within the material.

Do you move furniture? If yes, is it extra?

Please refer to the carpet cleaning section to see the full details about moving furniture from the areas you need to have cleaned and how to properly prepare your rooms for carpet cleaning services.

Why should i have my tile and grout cleaned?

Similar to your carpet, dirt builds up over time, dulling your tile’s appearance and discoloring your grout. A professional tile and grout cleaning is the only way to remove the ground in dirt.

How often should I have my tile floor cleaned?

This depends on many factors such as traffic, children, pets and floor maintenance. Having a sealant applied to your grout line will extend your time between professional cleanings.

How long will it take to have my tile floor cleaned?

For an average size room, it typically takes 30–60 minutes to clean the tile & grout. This can vary based on a number of factors including the size of the tile, amount of soil in the grout lines, and room configuration.

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Our goal is to provide the Highest level of Service and the Best Cleaning in this industry. We are the pros, so let the pros handle it. At Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaning we posses the knowledge, skill and tools to give our clients peace of mind knowing the end result of our performance will be of the up most highest experience and satisfaction.