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Upholstery Cleaning

Couches, chairs, recliners, yes Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners can clean a variety of your indoor furniture. Restoring your furniture can be a costly challenge. Many individuals waste their efforts, scrub and spot treating their furniture to only end up with results that show no improvement or that have permanently damaged the upholstery. Though you can spend hundreds of dollars to get your furniture reupholstered this can take weeks to have the job completed. Instead would you not just rather have your furniture restored and looking like new within just a few hours, for a fraction of the cost?

Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners can help clean your couches, loveseats, dining room chairs and more. Furniture upholstery can be difficult to clean simply because the dirt and stains can penetrate deep into the fabric. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners use the latest tools and products to remove the toughest stains and dirt from any of your furniture. The steam cleaning method that Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners uses is safe and effective for a wide variety of fabrics and materials including microfiber, nylon and even corduroy.

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Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, if we do not get it clean the first time we will re-do it again, but this applies to microfiber, corduroy and select types of nylons. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners is confident in their methods, experience and products they use that customers will be amazed to how clean their furniture looks. All cleaning staff members are thoroughly trained to provide the best quality cleaning services and to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with the end results. If, for some reason you are unhappy with the services you receive Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners will come back to re-do the job for you. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners is confident in the service they provide to each customer that they guarantee to get your furniture restored and cleaned with just one visit.

How many total years of experience in upholstery cleaning?

Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners has been opened for six years. But the experience, knowledge and skills that the staff at Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners retains totals well over 30 years. The techniques and methods that Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners use was taught and updated to fit with the changing technology and products available. You can be sure to get the highest quality of work done by the most knowledgeable cleaning staff in the industry.

Do you use ECO-friendly products?

Yes. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners knows how harmful many of the chemicals and ingredients can be not only to your health but to the environment. This can be a major concern for those who have small children, pets, health issues or those who just want to ensure they are limiting their carbon footprint in the world. The products used by the Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners staff have been thoroughly researched and ensured that they are ECO- friendly. At Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners doing what little part that can be done to better improve the environment is a conscience discussion. Using Eco-friendly products cuts back on the harmful chemicals that are being emitted into the air which is toxic to both the natural environment but your home environment as well. This is why Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners takes the extra step to do their part in improving the environment. All products used in the cleaning process are all ECO-friendly which, is safer for you and your family as well as for the environment. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners take pride in offering some of the best quality cleaning services while also using only the safest, non-toxic products available.

Are your products safe for pets?

Yes. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners understands that for many individuals their pets are an extension of their family and should be treated with equal consideration. All the products used by Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners are pet friendly. Your pet will be spending most of its time on the floors and carpeting and Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners only uses products that are pet friendly whether inhaled or ingested. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners, unlike many other cleaning services, always takes the extra precaution to ensure that your whole family is safe around the products they use and this includes your pets. You can be reassured that your cats, dogs and any other animals you welcome into your home will be unaffected from the products that Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners uses. You can trust Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners to use only the best quality products that are safe for your pets as well.

Do you do a pre-clean?

The fabric on your furniture can be ruined if it is over saturated with water and exposed to rigorous scrubbing and cleaning. Prior to deep cleaning furniture upholstery. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners uses a highly effective pre-spray on the fabric. Using a pre-spray instead of doing a full pre-wash is much better for keeping the fabric of your furniture from wearing, tearing or any other damage that can occur from pre-washing. Pre-spray treatments can effectively target trouble areas without risking damage to the rest of the fabric.

Do you use any sealers?

Sealers are not included with the furniture cleaning services provided by Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners but can be adding on as an additional charge. Because sealers can be damaging to some fabrics and for other types of furniture pieces. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners allows the customers to make the decision if they would want this additional service. Sealers can be beneficial in helping to protect and extend the life of certain fabrics. For many people this is not always a need either because the furniture is not regularly used or because they may be planning on selling it. Izzy Does It Carpet Cleaners can help you decide if using a sealer on your furniture is worth the additional charge or not.

How long will it take for my furniture to dry?

Typically, dry time of upholstered furniture varies between 24 hours depending on your specific upholstery fabric. We always recommend that you open some windows, use a fan or turn on your air conditioning system after cleaning to help greatly reduce the drying time. The more air flow that is allowed to enter the space, the faster all of your furniture will dry.

Which cleaning method is best for my furniture?

Manufacturers must provide their recommendation on the safest cleaning method for your furniture on a tag on the back of your sofa or ottoman. Our trained staff have a wide range of knowledge with upholstered furniture they will test your fabric before cleaning to determine which cleaning method will be the safest and most effective one for you. Testing your fabric is highly recommended to prevent color fading of certain fabrics.

What does professional cleaning do to the protective coating I purchased with my upholstered furniture?

While professional cleaning may impact the protective coating on your furniture, the dry soils that accumulate on it over time — along with the strain of daily living cause this coating to deteriorate. To keep your valuable upholstered furniture protected from the damage of dry soil, we can reapply this coating following cleaning.

How often should I clean my upholstery?

Every 12-24 months according to the recommendations by the manufacturers, however, if it's a high traffic piece we recommend every 9-12 months.

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